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The people who process every stage of the treatment process.

PHYSICIAN PRACTICES: Patients become the center of care and communication

Physicians of all capabilities rely of a variety of communication channels to provide the best care for all patients. General practices evaluate their patients from a 360-degree view to determine the best treatment pathways. Insurance, diagnostic testing and personal histories all become factors in beginning the custom plan of action.

Specialty, Surgical, Physical Therapy and Diagnostic Facilities all become part of a virtual matrix with the patient centric to all. Downtime to transmit information to all involved users, locations and clinicians is not an option.

Operations inside the physician’s practices skillfully follow policies and procedures via online applications to collaborate physician’s directives, presenting symptoms, ancillary profile details and scheduling needs. Along the treatment trail, software applications perform Meaningful Use, ICD and PQRS functions to reimburse each service provided. Netrepid understands the IT Technology required to give our physicians full-support to reach maximum reimbursement with the most cost efficient and reliable tools available!

REHAB-PHYSICAL THERAPY FACTILITIES: Rising importance in patient treatment

General Insurance, Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement models continue to require physical therapy or rehabilitation regimens in many “first steps” treatment plans. Correct documentation through the software applications among all site locations to show procedures have been followed is vital to ensuring all service providers are reimbursed. Netrepid provides the “behind the scenes” technology to transmit data information from all providers to ultimately receive reimbursement faster.

URGENT CARE: The first line of defense toward positive health outcomes

Urgent Care Center (UCC) practitioners represent the “front line” of medicine, and require a distinct knowledge base, skill set, and breadth of experience. They must balance the abilities of those in Family Practice who evaluate patients presenting all varieties of complaints, and those in Emergency Medicine who deal with acute medical problems.

Urgent Care Centers must find optimal efficiencies in their administrative and care practices to ensure that growing numbers of patients don’t correspond with increased error rates. UCCs also face continued pressure to provide care within the bounds of flat fees for service.

Netrepid solutions can improve the integration across UCC health systems and improve workflows to pass patient information and other date to external hospital systems, pharmacies and payers. Netrepid also standardizes desktops for both clinical and administrative staff to reduce the complexity of their work environments, and improve the support and training mechanisms to onboard new staff members.

HOSPITAL NETWORKS: Advanced medicine demands advanced technology

Hospitals have endured dramatic and unavoidable reimbursement changes for all patient care deliverables. PPACA required hospitals to agree to Medicare payment cuts, as well as modify payment rates over the long-term. These dynamics along with value-based reforms has changed the relationship that all hospitals have with physicians, providers and the quality of care required to receive optimal reimbursement. The “squeeze” on bottom line expense items has created an even stronger demand for all aspects of every hospital to run as efficiently and smartly as possible. Netrepid’s intelligent IT infrastructure design and managed IT services allow our hospital partners the ability to budget fix costs for hardware, software, facility and automatic upgrade support. We understand the importance of technology to perform flawlessly alongside teaching, non-profit, community and advancing hospitals.


Largely classified by HIPAA as “Indirect” treatment relationships, Diagnostic and Testing centers are still required to conform to OCR privacy rules. The transfer of patient data and testing outcomes to healthcare providers and payees requires fast, protected pathways. Accurate and reliable information gives the patient a better treatment experience, and most importantly, the healthcare parties involved see faster turnaround for reimbursements. All of which are optimal for best practices inside any diagnostic testing center with the option for technology investment in state-of-the-art tools. Netrepid’s dedicated healthcare division streamlines the transfer of data pathways, as well as limits the amount of resources necessary to achieve compliance status. This allows for speed and security to perform most efficiently.

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Netrepid provides colocation, infrastructure and application hosting services that work side by side with a large variety of industries including healthcare, financial, education, and government to accelerate their technology evolution from the ground to the cloud. Netrepid is a Service‐Disabled Veteran‐Owned company.

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