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  • healthcare@netrepid.com

Rapid Response


  • HIPAA Trained Tech Staff In-House
  • Ability to Remotely Diagnose and Resolve On-Demand to All Staff Including Current IT Admin or Office Manager
  • Team Communications to all Involved for Clear Office Workflows and Preferred Services
  • Online Client Portal Access

Supporting your organization is very important to us. To support that effort, we have documented some specifics regarding contacting us, reporting tickets, and expectations for timing.

All technology issues are to be reported to the Netrepid Help Desk. This includes hardware, software, and connectivity issues.

To report a problem, you can either:

  • Call the Help Desk at (717) 730-0780 (option 2)
  • Send an email to help@netrepid.com
  • You may access your own customized Client Portal
NOTE: It is recommended that issues requiring immediate attention be telephoned into the Service Desk.

Sending an Email to the Service Desk:

  • Specify the urgency and a relevant title in the subject of the message.
  • Describe the problem or request in detail in the body of the email message.
  • If possible, provide a screen shot of any error messages.

Once your email is received by the Service Desk, you will receive an automated reply acknowledging the receipt of your message along with a ticket #. You should also expect to receive further updates via email once your issue is being worked on. At any time you may obtain a status update about your ticket by checking the status in your Client Portal.

Email Ticket Creation Instructions:

  1. Address the email to: help@netrepid.com
  2. In the subject line, a short description of the nature of your request.
  3. In the body of the email message provide a detailed description of the problem or request. Please provide as much detailed information as possible. For example, if you’re reporting an error message, please provide the actual text of the error received.

Company Profile

Netrepid provides colocation, infrastructure and application hosting services that work side by side with a large variety of industries including healthcare, financial, education, and government to accelerate their technology evolution from the ground to the cloud. Netrepid is a Service‐Disabled Veteran‐Owned company.

Rapid Response


Call the Help Desk: 
(717) 730-0780 (opt 2)

Send an email:
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